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The LOVE ME Bible Study Series in Song is a fresh, new, inspired, appealing, innovative, approach to Bible Study centered around the Ten Commandments, that puts to music vital end-time truths. It consists of a multi-artist, multimedia, Bible study series of ten studies, each connected to a commandment, and a bonus overview study on Law and Grace.


Lonnie Melashenko and the Love At Work singers cordially invite you to experience "Love Me," a new TV series on Hope Channel every Sabbath at 4:00PM Pacific, written and produced by our own Schubert and Yolanda Palmer, with many of the incredible songs, stories and studies filmed here at Vallejo Drive. Tell a friend! Visit, or Direct TV, Channel 368. Also on Facebook at , and YouTube at .  Click here for trailer: Love Me - Series Teaser Trailer

Love Me - Trailer

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