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The Power of Trust Slide.png

January 21, 2022
by: Pastor James Kyle

This 7 sermons series will be drawn from the work that our "Church Board" has completed by developing a Vision Statement and creating 7 Core Values for our church.

Moving Faith Forward - Harmony.png

January 29, 2022
by: Pastor Ben Guerrero

When you hear the word “HARMONY,” what comes to mind? For me it means peace and unity where the individual parts comprise a united and harmonious whole. We explore Harmony as our second Value in our Moving Faith Forward series.

Sense of Community Sermon Slide.png

February 5, 2022
by: Pastor Buenaventura Garcia

As we continue to unpack the seven core values of our church, "Sense of Community" is foundational and further fortified from shared narratives that build the body of Christ: "From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work" (Ephesians 4:16)

Moving Faith Forward - The Price of Honor - Feb 12 2022.png

February 12, 2022
by: Pastor James Kyle

In a world as fractured and cynical as ours, it can be difficult to live a peaceful life. Pandemic fatigue, economic uncertainty, political polarization and domestic terrorism strain the imagination and fill our hearts with foreboding. And what seems to be absent are people living lives with honor. How difficult is it for people to live honorably. Characters that you can trust and rely upon are few. 

Moving Faith Forward - Harmony.png

February 19, 2022
by: Pastor James Kyle

As we continue our presentation of the 7 Values of our church, this week we focus on the value of "Accountability". While we value accountability when we see it or benefit from others who are accountable, it is a virtue that many fail to achieve in their own lives. What makes accountability so elusive for many? How does God look at accountability in the lives of his people?

Sense of Community Sermon Slide.png

February 26, 2022
by: Pastor Lauren Lim

We continue our series of values shared by our community members from our Moving Faith Forward seminar. This week I am grateful to share the value of Friendship in our worship time together.

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