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A place where children can watch Bible stories as presented at Vallejo Drive Church. Draw close to Jesus and enter in to these stories as if you're hearing them for the first time.

We encourage you to pause the video at the end of each "wondering question" to respond together.

Be amazed at the spirituality and discernment of children.

New Videos are uploaded weekly. Be blessed!

Story: "Jesus Commissions the Desciples"

Story Teller: Debbie Hittle

Story: "The Good Shepherd and the Lord's Supper"

Story Teller: Lisa Vigil

Story: "Jesus Appears to Thomas"

Story Teller: Debbie Hittle

Story: "The Road to Emmaus"

Story Teller: Debbie Hittle

Story: "Jesus is Risen"

Story Teller: Lisa Vigil

Story: "Jesus and Bartimaeus"

Story Teller: Debbie Hittle

These Biblical stories and materials are from Young Children and Worship by Sonia Stewart and Jerome Berryman and Worship Woodworks, and The Complete Guide to Godly Play by Jerome Berryman, Church Publishing, Inc. and Godly Play Resources.

We hope you enjoy each story and encourage children and parents to discuss the "I Wonder" questions.

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